Kathy Sierra is frustrated that the t-shirts handed out at tech conferences hide the fact that she has breasts.


I can confirm that she's right. When I went to Microsoft Windows Hardware Engineering Conference (WinHEC) in Seattle recently, I was amused the be offered the choice of either an XL, XXL or XXXL tee-shirt. They'd given out all the XXXXL ones already.

Kathy specifically says she doesn't want other bloggers having a go at her for glossing over the fact that most attendees to tech conferences are male.

But someone really needs to make this point, so it might as well be me. Tech conference attendees are, by and large, and I do mean large, fat ergonomic deskchair specialists.

Tech conference tee-shirts are designed to hide breasts. It's no mistake.

Gals aren't the only geeks to have breasts.

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