Two days ago, Australian TV network Channel 7 became possessed: in the middle of a documentary about a train crash, an audio loop unexpectedly started playing, clearly saying in an American accent, "Jesus Christ, help us all, Lord". It continued on repeat for a solid six minutes.

You can listen for yourself — a good samaritan with a PVR has uploaded a clip of it as it went to air to YouTube.

A Channel 7 spokesman denied it was a prank or security breach, and the line that had been spoken was "Jesus Christ one of the Navarines", (supposedly part of the documentary that had gone into auto-repeat.)

"It was a technical glitch due to an audio problem with the tape," the spokesman told The Australian.

"The line actually is 'Jesus Christ one of the Navarines' and this is from the documentary," he said.

An eagle-eared reader of Whirlpool recognised the audio as coming from a video tape of a civilian truck being ambushed in Iraq. You can hear it on the original video below: skip to two minutes into it.

Channel 7's response was quite obviously patent bullshit, so what actually happened?


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